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I must ask Nick for his new address and telephone number when I see him.


Emina has a new swimsuit.


I can't walk away from an opportunity like this.

The president shall be selected by majority vote.

What's happening up there?

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We were sitting peacefully at dinner, when all of a sudden the lights went out.


We're all after the same thing.

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It's almost October.

What am I going to do with you?

Last night, he studied all night long.

I'm fixing it up.

Juha scored three touchdowns in last night's game.

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They have a strict idea of time.

Barney went to Boston to visit his uncle.

We'll have to find out, won't we?

Dan radioed the police station.

The boy over there reading a book is James.

I traveled abroad twice in my youth.

It's just big enough for her.

He is not wise but clever.

Let's go out for a walk.

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Where did you see them?


Nothing came up.

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Today, we had two false alarms.

Why are you closing the store?

You are very cute boys.

You of all people should appreciate that.

You have five minutes to get dressed and come downstairs.


They agreed on a joint statement.

Cookie is under the table.

Ken couldn't remember that guy's name.

The children were playing in the park.

This isn't really what I had in mind.

Marilyn has a pretty good idea who burned his house down.

Ralf is still asleep.


I have faith in your ability to do the right thing.

Sometimes you can see the ISS in the sky.

The author is seventy but he's no less productive than he was twenty years ago.

She looks young, but actually she's older than you are.

Nichael left his umbrella in the car.

Nate doesn't want to go alone.

He has a good art of talking.

I don't recognize it.

She spent all afternoon cooking.

The world was on the very brink of nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962.

My father used to eat at this restaurant.

I think you've learned a valuable lesson.

We like to do the same things.

That's a good deal for Don.

"How many keys?" asked Pepperberg.


Brett ran as fast as he could hoping that he wouldn't miss the train.


That's the plan.

I'm going to have to try and handle this myself.

Nobody is cleverer than he.


Manuel isn't picky.

Is it an obsession?

They're yours.


Juergen remained still.

They kept us in the dark concerning their future plans.

What do Italians usually eat for lunch?


Since it was Sunday, the store was closed.


You must've hated Jared for what he did.

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The victims were innocent men, women and children from America and many other nations who had done nothing to harm anybody. And yet Al Qaeda chose to ruthlessly murder these people, claimed credit for the attack, and even now states their determination to kill on a massive scale.

I don't own a violin.

You're going to need one, too.

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Once on a time there was a king who had an only daughter.


It was raining around Chicago.

The net economy is booming.

Nicolette considered Barbara like a piece of garbage.

I flipped him the bird.

You should try to help her.

I have wishes.

He turned his coat around.

Sofia's email was very terse and it was clear that she was upset about something.

Rodger works for a hospital.


It's a hot button topic.

We'll lose time.

We live in Boston.

I heard about you and her.

I fell in love with Hank the first time I saw him.

You'll have to try one.

Traveling was much more difficult in those days.

He was late to realize that what he did was improper.

He likes playing football.

I've always liked her.

Did you see my mother?


I want you to go somewhere.

Oh, onion bagels.

I need you.

Are you suggesting another theory?

Lying is forgivable when it is done by a doctor trying to give heart to a terminally ill patient.

Connie wants to study in Boston.

In the upper elevations of Arizona, there was a forest of tall Ponderosa pine trees.


From graduation to retirement, Laowang worked as a teacher without intermission.

I've learned nothing from the teacher.

Can I call later today?


Rathnakumar prefers patients who can't talk.

It's getting worse and worse.

We have plenty of time tonight.

Did you iron all the shirts?

Aaron's feelings are hurt.

I told Theo all about the accident.

We can proceed.

Sridhar is very passionate about his work.

There's a woman waiting over there who wants to talk to you.


Suyog is the richest man in the universe.

I'd like to speak to the manager.

I think that he's from Italy.

I was obliged to self-publish my book.

Why are you giving me such a scornful look?


He's not my boyfriend. Just a friend with benefits.

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Do you miss him?


Hurry up, guys, you're going to be late.

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Last year was the hottest year ever recorded.

Even though I'm sitting here in the sun, I still feel cold.

We're all like her.

I live in Yerevan.

It's easier to play than to work.

I had nothing in particular to say.

I thought the police were looking for Rajiv.

They're very busy.

We don't know what caused the fire.

The bank loaned him 500 dollars.

It is strange that you should fail.


I happen to be in love with you.


The lumber is still green.

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Of course, innocent people were released.

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You've cleaned your feet.

Give me a towel.

We weren't given a fair chance.

A foreign language cannot be mastered in a year or so.

Don't talk to him that way. He's my friend.

I'm sorry I doubted you.

Finally I can go to bed.

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Ed has been home about three hours.

Don't pee on an electric fence.

I played violin when I was young.

It doesn't snow the whole time through in Russia and there are also no bears running in the streets.

The lights were out.

I suppose you love him.

Do you think I'm too materialistic?

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Belinda was put in prison.

Young people grew up with the Internet.

What else have you lied to me about?

The closer to 100%, the closer the blended image will resemble the colors of the primary raster.

We need you to get here ASAP.

There's no way that Brandy could have stolen the money without being seen.

I'm beginning to feel a little hungry.

Buy low and sell high.

She was advised by him to be punctual.

Everybody calls him Jeff.

I used to go camping every summer.

We allow it!

We all hope that this cease-fire will make for world peace.

I had a crush on you when we were in high school.

Vernon gestured for Amarth to come help.

Greetings from Cornwall!

Is this seat reserved?

You can tell from the jargon alone that these instructions were written for experienced builders and not the average consumer.

I don't engage in idle speculation.

Our teacher hates his students to ask questions while he is giving a lecture.

Romain seems to know his stuff.


Do you have the key?